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Holy Ghost Party Lyrics

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Holy Ghost Party 

written by SHIN a.k.a MAMIYA



あがなわれた者は 神の子ども

So let’s have a good time

命をたのしむのは 主の御心

So let’s Have a good time


Let’ s Party

You don’t need a reason

手を上げ ただ生きる主 褒め称え

主の臨在の中で  Everybody



Yo! Yo! Turn the lights on

Its Sunday morning 週日礼拝

You know how we do it bass down low

But Hands will always stay high


Drunk in the spirit of the Lord

Don’t get it wrong we ain’t high

It’s only 9 in the morning!

Jumping and dancing into the Day light


Speakers rockin’ dancers lockin’


Celebrate the presence

of the Lordその手をあげ


From the front to the back to the

Nursing room and even to the lobby

Every generation worship God

This is the Holyghost Party!






変えられたFrom tip to toe



言葉で 言い表せねえ

No clouds over me 毎日sunny

Jumpin’ up ‘n down とびはね

Im so high cuz I know he loves me


Life so fly 最高だね!

My new Dad’s rich so don’t need money

輝く日々 まるでラメ

If you’re set free then move your body


足にバネ 入ってんじゃね?

喜び飛び跳ねる Easter bunny

皆手を挙げ アゲアゲ

Celebrate the Holyghost party




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